Balaji Telefilms over the years has produced a number of television serials and movies which are available for commercial use by others. We own the intellectual property to a number of sought after television serials and movies. We have in the past negotiated a number of sucessful deals with TV channels and online content aggregators to use Balaji Telefilms’s content at mutually agreed licensing fee. We have also issued many licenses for various cross brand, in-film and other usage of our content by various companies. Balaji Telefilms also has access to 19 modern studios and 31 editing suites - more than any Indian Company in the Media and entertainment sector.

Our sales division comprises of very talented individuals who will help you with addressing your content requirements. Visit for list of Television Serials and for list of movies.

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4B Killick Nixion Studio

4B Killick Nixion – (Dimensions- Area – 60 ft X 100 ft)

This set has a Huge Furnished haveli with a hall, a Kitchen & three Bedroom with all property.

4K Killick Nixion Studio

4K Killick Nixion –( Dimensions: Area 60 ft X 67 ft)

This set has a Huge Furnished haveli with a hall, & a Bedroom with all property.

Today this set is positioned as an ancient haveli of a feudal lord based in a village in Gujarat.

The set captures the feel of rich traditional Indian house, the ancestral portraits adorned on the walls boast about the grandeur and augustness, from the ornate columns towering high to the checkered floors, from beveled windows to stained glass doors, from wooden staircases sprawling into the hall to the overlooking intricate balustrades, all remind you of the colonial architecture and feudal opulence.

7B Killick Nixion Studio

7B Killick Nixion – ( Dimensions: Area 150 ft X 45 ft)

This set has Huge Furnished haveli with a hall, Aangan & Four Bedroom with all property. The haveli exhibits extravagance of wealth belonging to rural rich, lavishly furnished with vibrant colors, gilded furniture, classy tapestries, towering wooden pillars and sprawling staircases ...............all add mood and dimension to the show and characters.

The similar look and extravagance flows into the rest of the rooms of the house.

The aagan or the courtyard, a prominent feature in every vernacular structure has been traditionally decorated, with a temple for the pantheon of gods and the centrum stationing the sacred tulsi plant.

1B Killick Nixion Studio

1B Killick Nixion – (Dimensions:Area 150 * 40 FT)

This set has ornate staircase flows into the richly embellished hall, which is canopied with an impressive dome. This set have Huge Furnished hall with Four Bedroom with all property.

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